[plt-scheme] Re: How to get tokenize a string?

From: Aleksej Saushev (asau at inbox.ru)
Date: Sun Nov 8 04:06:41 EST 2009


krhari at ccs.neu.edu writes:

> I have a file which contains data like this
>   2.5500000e-002  3.6238983e-002
>   2.5500000e-002  3.6238638e-002
>   2.5500000e-002  3.6237603e-002
> ...
> I am working on a small animation I need these numbers to calculate some things there... I am using 2htdp/universe teachpack...
> I actually found string->tokenize function in SRFI doc... Can I use it? If yes can anyone guide me how to use SRFI? If no is there any other way out other than converting the file into a string then using sting->list and doing it in brute force way?
> If I use file->string, I get a string like this
> "  2.5500000e-002  3.6238983e-002\r\n  2.5500000e-002  3.6238638e-002\r\n  2.5500000e-002  3.6237603e-002\r\n"
> Please help me out...

Stupid question: why don't you just read data from it??


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