[plt-scheme] Re: Why "lambda"?

From: Neil Toronto (ntoronto at cs.byu.edu)
Date: Sun May 31 18:00:31 EDT 2009

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> I've used Hindi alphabet in my proofs.  Since this was in Hungary, my
> prof was rather displeased by this (-:.
> [Yes, I realize I'm giving wooks ammunition.]

I don't think so. I find that "be conservative in what you produce and liberal in what you accept from others" is applicable to all communication, not just Internet protocols. Your professor's job was, at least in part, to teach you how to produce. Wooks's issue is with what he's willing to accept from others.

I don't think that distinction has been made in this discussion yet. Without it, we conflate good encoding practices with good decoding practices.

Neil T
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