[plt-scheme] [ANN] Scheme Language Steering Committee

From: feeley at iro.umontreal.ca (feeley at iro.umontreal.ca)
Date: Fri May 29 10:36:11 EDT 2009

> I am still awaiting a response to this.
> Is this what we can expect of the new SC?  Despotic decisions that are
> not answerable to anyone?

Do you think anyone would have voted differently had they known 5
positions were available on the SC instead of 3?  I think not.  The 2
additional members were the two next in line according to the single
transferable vote proportional representation algorithm used in the
election.  A new election for the two new positions would have been a
waste of everyone's time.  Or are you concerned that we grew the size of
the committee from 3 to 5 members without feedback from the Scheme

I remember when you stood up at the Boston Scheme Workshop (2003?), at the
birth of the R6RS standardization effort, saying "Hey folks this is a
revolution... we don't need the agreement of the rnrs authors to go
ahead".  Were you joking back then or are you joking now?


P.S. I'm not speaking for the Scheme Standards SC.

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