[plt-scheme] .plt-scheme/4.1.5/doc/index.html getting corrupted by pair/mpair-related bug?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri May 29 04:55:16 EDT 2009

At least twice recently, the PLT documentation index HTML file under 
"~/.plt-scheme" has gotten corrupted on me.  It looks like:

> PLT Scheme
> This is an installation- and user-specific listing, including 
> documentation for installed PLaneT packages.
> Getting Started
>   {part {"{lib scribblings/quick/quick.scrbl}" "top"}}
>   How to Design Programs
>   {part {"{lib web-server/scribblings/tutorial/continue.scrbl}" "top"}}
>   {part {"{lib scribblings/more/more.scrbl}" "top"}}
>   {part {"{lib typed-scheme/ts-guide.scrbl}" "top"}}
>   SICP Support in PLT Scheme

I am guessing that this is triggered when I invoke PLaneT-related code 
that regenerates the index, from a language that sets 
"print-mpair-curly-braces" and "print-pair-curly-braces" opposite to how 
PLT Scheme normally has them.

If that's true, then perhaps the fix is for any PLaneT code that writes 
sexps to a file should override those parameters?

Please let me know whether you'd like me to try to reliably reproduce 
this bug on my end.  (It takes a while to do.)


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