[plt-scheme] geiser, a new scheme/emacs interaction mode

From: Jose A. Ortega Ruiz (jao at gnu.org)
Date: Wed May 13 20:34:27 EDT 2009


I've been working on a new Scheme-Emacs interaction mode (which i'm
calling Geiser) for a while now, and it's got to the point, i think, of
being usable. PLT is one of its two supported backends, and it provides
things like namespace-aware and incremental evaluation (without
restarting the REPL), completion or jump-to-definition. The README file:


gives more details, including installation instructions. You can get
the code using git:

git clone http://git.hacks-galore.org/jao/geiser.git

I've also posted a mostly content-free blog entry at

Geiser is still work in progress, and there are many features i want to
add (stealing, for instance, from Neil's quack or Eli's interactive.ss),
but if any of you feels like giving it a try and providing criticism
and/or feature requests, i'll be more than happy to take them into

I'd like to thank the PLT team and other participants in this list for
answering my questions and for providing extraordinarily quick fixes for
the few issues with mzscheme itself i've found. I'm enjoying my return
to PLT hacking quite a bit!


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