[plt-scheme] Re: [OT] Books on Software Design

From: Neil Toronto (ntoronto at cs.byu.edu)
Date: Tue May 12 16:49:56 EDT 2009

wooks wrote:
>> And for really getting down, Thriller (well, Billie Jean at least).
>> What? Why are you all groaning?
> The essay No Silver Bullet ...(behave yourself Noel).
> PS wondering whether I am the only PLTer who can moonwalk.

I'm an apprentice-wanna-be PLTer who can moonwalk. I learned it in 
ballroom dance, of all places. Turns out it's a 
four-popped-collars-awesome thing to do in the West Coast Swing.

I never did the grab or the falsetto "OW!" though. I totally should have.


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