[plt-scheme] interactive lecture tool

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri May 8 10:17:35 EDT 2009

On May  8, Gregor Kiczales wrote:
> I might be able to get someone to work on it.
> Are there notes or something else that would help someone who is not
> familiar with the code get going somewhat quickly?

I'm going to put out an application that I recently wrote to run tests
with.  The idea is a server that the teacher controls, and clients
that run on machines in a lab -- each client asks the server for its
content and shows that in its interface.  Some of the entries are
editable by the clients (a file or files for writing their answers),
and such editable files are synced to the server (no local storage).

IIUC, it's not what you're looking for -- but it has all the necessary
pieces to use in making such a tool.

However, it might be an overkill, and there may be a much easier way
to do so (depending on whether I understand what you're trying to
get).  What I'd do for a "really quick hack that works" would be:

* write a tool that adds a "post it" button to drscheme

* when the button is clicked, it sends me an email with the definition

* I then setup my laptop so that when I receive such an email, it
  fires up drscheme with the file that was saved to a temporary place
  (possibly just opening it in a running drscheme)

This should work with minimum effort -- and from that point I'd refine
some of the pieces of this (like removing the need for email, and
making a tool that will open new files from drscheme rather than rely
on some external process to do so).

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