[plt-scheme] Computers considered harmful

From: Ivan Altaparmakov (ialt at tu-sofia.bg)
Date: Thu May 7 06:10:10 EDT 2009


When i started to study scheme 
it was because i wanted to improve myself 
and i studied it entirely without computer.
I can say i have improvement in myself because of scheme and HtDP 
but i am not sure i become a good programmer ... 
So studding without computer is possible it has some advantages, 
but is it always practical ? :)

This question "are computers harmful?" is connected to that  how we 
obtain knowledge - as far as i understand there are two ways 

first: by collecting facts and rules by generalization. this is the way that is
preferred by people saying
that computers are harmful (in my opinion)

second: rather by training neuron network in the brain by examples  - this is preferred
by people that want "work done". they don't think computers are harmful.

So i think the real question is which way of obtaining knowledge is better? 

I think this question is not solved ...
Both ways has their pros and cons 
perhaps there might be some balance. May be dynamic balance as in dynamic system: 
increasing amount of one side (and decreasing amount of the other) will show need of
increasing amount of other side ... 
but if the system is unstable there might be a point after which it wold be difficult 
to increase other side and the system would collapse ... 

I think the modern trend is to increase amount of the second approach 
but it alone (i think) would lead nowhere ... 

So the educators have to keep balance :))
And perhaps we have to invite method to transform knowledge obtained by the one of the
two above mentioned ways to knowledge obtained by the other - how i know this is not
done yet (i mean there is no recipe for doing this)...
And is it possible at all? (in one direction it is possible (from experience to facts
and rules), but in the other direction (i mean direct transformation- without generating
examples to train the neuron network) ? )
And if possible is it possible to teach someone to use such method?  
Perhaps someone have to write a book HtTK (How to Transform Knowledge) :))) 

best regards 

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