[plt-scheme] Computers considered harmful

From: ebellani at gmail.com (ebellani at gmail.com)
Date: Wed May 6 21:48:40 EDT 2009

> My apologies to the reader's of the list. Although I am very much open
> to the honest debate of ideas, I see now there is little of it here.

Sorry if I gave you that impression. It certainly wasn't my intention. Perhaps my lack of
familiarity in English could have caused that misconception. 

> Мы понимаем товарища.

Not sure what that means, but it looks pretty :)

Eduardo Bellani


Someone once called me "just a dreamer"
That offended me, the "just" part.
Being a dreamer is hard work. 
It really gets hard when you start believing in your dreams.
--Doug Engelbart

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