[plt-scheme] Re: [Larceny-users] side effects in R6RS modules

From: Abdulaziz Ghuloum (aghuloum at gmail.com)
Date: Tue May 5 13:43:23 EDT 2009

On May 5, 2009, at 8:33 PM, Matthew Flatt wrote:

> At Tue, 5 May 2009 20:27:47 +0300, Abdulaziz Ghuloum wrote:
>> I'm talking about the same program written in the R6RS language
>> behaving differently when run through mzscheme, plt-r6rs, and
>> DrScheme.
> To be clear about what you mean, can you provide an example?

If you have the following libraries:

(library (T0) (export) (import (rnrs)) (display "T0\n"))
(library (T1) (export) (import (for (T0) run expand)))

(library (T2) (export) (import (for (T1) run expand)))

(library (T3) (export) (import (for (T2) run expand)))

And this script:

(import (T3))

Running the script (without precompilation) results in printing T0:

  0 times for Ikarus

  1 time for Larceny

  10 times for plt-r6rs

  13 times for mzscheme

  22 times for DrScheme

last time I checked (I can't try it right now, I just copied it from

my email archives).


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