[plt-scheme] syntax/module-reader and module specs

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon May 4 04:27:46 EDT 2009

Is there a trick to getting the "#:language" in a "lang/reader.ss" to 
refer to a module in a file relative to "lang/reader.ss", such as 
"require" can do with module-specs?

When I attempt to use a string or a "(file ...)" form, it resolves the 
filename relative to the directory from which DrScheme was started(?), 
not from relative to "lang/reader.ss".

I would like this to work with both PLaneT and non-PLaneT collections, 
so the below example doesn't work.

#lang s-exp syntax/module-reader

;; TODO: !!! This is not correct, since we are always require-ing a PLaneT
;; package, and without specifying version, regardless of whether or not 
;; implementation is actually coming from PLaneT.
#:language '(planet "main.ss" ("me" "foo.plt"))

#:wrapper1 (lambda (proc)
             (parameterize ((read-accept-infix-dot        #f)
                            (read-case-sensitive          #f)
                            (read-curly-brace-as-paren    #f)
                            (read-square-bracket-as-paren #f))

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