[plt-scheme] sporadic seconds->date error when doing setup-plt -l

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon May 4 01:38:12 EDT 2009

This sporadic error has happened to me twice.  Once just now, and once 
approx. 24 hours ago.

The error did not exhibit on an immediate subsequent run of "setup-plt 
-l sicp", nor when re-run after cleaning all compilation artifacts in 
the collection directory.

setup-plt -l sicp
setup-plt: version: 4.1.5 [3m]
setup-plt: variants:  3m cgc
setup-plt: main collects: /usr/local/plt-4.1.5/lib/plt/collects
setup-plt: collects paths:
setup-plt:   /home/neil/scheme
setup-plt:   /home/neil/.plt-scheme/4.1.5/collects
setup-plt:   /usr/local/plt-4.1.5/lib/plt/collects
setup-plt: --- pre-installing collections ---
setup-plt: --- compiling collections ---
setup-plt: making: /home/neil/scheme/sicp (SICP)
setup-plt:  in /home/neil/scheme/sicp/
seconds->date: expects argument of type <exact integer>; given 
#(struct:date 19 30 1 4 5 2009 1 123 #t -14400)
setup-plt: making: /home/neil/scheme/sicp/lang
setup-plt: --- updating info-domain tables ---

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