[plt-scheme] thank you for easy install of PLT

From: i j (laplacian42 at gmail.com)
Date: Sun May 3 15:17:17 EDT 2009

Just installed PLT, and I wanted to say thank you for making PLT so
easy to install. I run Ubuntu, and usually use the aptitude tool for
installing software, but used PLT's installer instead because:

* installer was run like a simple shell script

* made it easy to install everything into one directory, wherever I
wanted (I chose /home/foo/opt/plt) -- very useful for easy
uninstall/update later on (rm -fr ~/opt/plt). (Hm. I didn't check to
see if the installer allowed me to type "$HOME" or "~/", but instead
gave it the full path.)

* easy install instructions right there on the page where I downloaded
the distribution

I'm looking forward to writing some programs to share with
non-tech-savvy friends. It should be a simple matter to send them to
the PLT website and have download and install PLT for their platform
(usually Mac OS X, but also MS Windows) without them needing much
help. :)

Very nice job.

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