[plt-scheme] Re: help for DFS illustration

From: Mustafa Can Buken (mustafacanb89 at gmail.com)
Date: Sat May 2 14:25:53 EDT 2009

Thanks for book advice. We didn't know about that book. We will read
and I think it's going to be done

Thank you all,
Mustafa Can Buken

On 2 Mayıs, 21:11, "Geoffrey S. Knauth" <ge... at knauth.org> wrote:
> On May 1, 2009, at 14:08, Mustafa Can Buken wrote:
> > I am a student in Istanbul Bilgi University Computer Sciences
> > Department as a first year student. Our teacher makes four of us as a
> > group and gave an assinment about illustration of DFS algorithm. User
> > will give a graph and an endpoint and Dr. Scheme environment will draw
> > that graph with using DFS algorithm
> I love algorithm visualization.  But if things flash by too fast for  
> me, I want a speed control or a stepper button, and maybe a way to go  
> forward and backward.
> > First of all I want to say that we tried something about DFS
> > illustration on DrScheme environment but because of our less knowledge
> > in world.ss teachpack, we experienced some problems about that topic.
> OK, so what problems?
> Have you read "How to Design Worlds"  [HtDW] ?
> If not, see:  http://world.cs.brown.edu/
> > Can somebody give us a clue about that. It can be pseudo code of our
> > problem or you can say first do something then ... then ... We really
> > don't know how to do this illustration and  we should do that till 8th
> > of May and will present it.
> > Wanting a code is a bad habbit I know, so I want to take advice about
> > how to do this illustration, which things that we should do. Thanks to
> > everybody for helps.
> The first question is, do you know how you would do this using pen and  
> paper?  I.e., do you feel comfortable with DFS?  You should understand  
> DFS 80-90% before starting.  An illustrator or animator should have a  
> vision.
> Now, assuming you know how you would draw this by hand, make an  
> inventory of the kinds of things you would draw, e.g., vertices and  
> edges, where you would put the values, what colors you want to use in  
> your animation.  Then go back to HtDW and find objects that are  
> similar and use them to compose new objects or structures with the  
> properties you need to connect the graph and track the progress of DFS.
> Geoffrey
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