[plt-scheme] Compatibility MACOS <--> VISTA

From: CHAMLY (marc.chamly at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Mar 31 15:57:52 EDT 2009

Hi all, I am programming a game on DrScheme (using scheme/gui/base),  
with tree other friends, and i seem to have a little compatibility  
problem. At least i think so.

My friend is using Windows vista, and I am on Mac OS, and we mainly  
worked on his PC. When we try to run the program on my mac, it seems  
to have a hard time to work... the game's movement is VERY VERY slow,  
it lags, and sometimes even crashes  , it does that with Other Macs as  

Does it come from his PC? or is there really a compatibility issue  
with DrScheme.

Thank You


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