[plt-scheme] drcheme on SunRay

From: Jarrett Lee (jalee at valdosta.edu)
Date: Tue Mar 31 13:02:45 EDT 2009

What ./configure options would be optimal for running PLT-Scheme on a  
Linux-based SunRay server?

I have been told that simple X11 graphics work best, and disabling  
OpenGL is practically necessary for apps to run well on a SunRay. I've  
already started using -disable-gl, but are xrender, xft, or cairo  
considered non-simple X11 graphics libraries and thus need to be  
disabled as well?

Any help will be appreciated and as soon as my project comes to and  
end, I will be publishing the results in an easy to use guide so that  
others may benefit from it. I will be publishing it to my own blog, my  
webspace here at the university, and anywhere else anybody suggests it  
be published.

Jarrett Lee
Valdosta State University
Division of Information Technology
E-mail: jalee at valdosta.edu

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