[plt-scheme] evaluating buffer w/o re-initializing environment?

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Sun Mar 29 19:25:31 EDT 2009

Dave has explained my reservations correctly, and as you say, it  
isn't too bad to re-open a db during development.

Having said that:

  + I miss send-sexpr and send-region on rare occasions
  + If someone wrote a tool that could be enabled properly
     and indicated with status that it's around, I might use it
  + I do think that a reverse tool -- develop in REPL, turn into a
    program and tests -- could be even better

But as you may know, DrScheme allows you to specify the "script"  
arguments in the language specs. This helps me    develop scripts and  
refer to command line arguments during testing. In a similar vein, it  
should be feasible to evolve drscheme so that it becomes a  
development environment for your favorite context (trying to avoid  
the word 'environment' here) and to tune it in similar manners for  
those contexts. Indeed, all this should be meta-data so that you can  
resume developing for the same context at some later point. And it  
should all be easy and transparent (which is what the argv context is  
missing at this moment).

One day DrScheme will be there. -- Matthias


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