[plt-scheme] New kind of spam

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Fri Mar 27 08:02:07 EDT 2009

As I suspected, the email sent last night from `Hollywoodkiller' was
spam.  It looks like we're finally at the point of spammers that
subscribe to mailing lists -- I wondered what was the goal of sending
a reply to a digest with the whole thing quoted and no additional
text.  When I saw how the post looks like in google groups the trick
became clear: the interface conveniently hides the whole quoted part,
so the only thing that is left visible is the signature -- which
contains the spammer's URL, so it looks like that was the goal.

If anyone knows about these new kind of spammers and/or about ways to
avoid them, please tell me.

[Some more details, in case you're interested:
 - I saw the suspicious email subscribing, and sent an "are you
   human?"  question.
 - Got an immediate "thank you" reply (fast enough to indicate being
   automated) and later I got another message saying "this is a
 - A few minutes lated the said email was posted.
 - I send another query, and turn on moderation for the emails.
 - Just now there was another message sent (same deal: quoting a
   digest with nothing but the signature added).
 - I sent a message and unsubscribed it.
 So it looks like setting this up is easy: subscribe in digest mode,
 and have an auto-reply that sends those emails.]

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