[plt-scheme] PLaneT development links

From: John Clements (clements at brinckerhoff.org)
Date: Wed Mar 25 17:21:45 EDT 2009

On Mar 14, 2009, at 2:50 AM, Dave Gurnell wrote:

> Noel wrote:
>> Our autoplanet project does similar things:
>>  http://svn.untyped.com/autoplanet/trunk/src/scribblings/autoplanet.scrbl
> Autoplanet is actually on PLaneT now. We've rewritten it recently so  
> (I think Noel mentioned an experimental version on plt-scheme a few  
> months ago).
> Here are the HTML docs:
>     http://planet.plt-scheme.org/package-source/untyped/autoplanet.plt/1/1/planet-docs/autoplanet/index.html
> I've put a couple of examples below this email.

Doc request:

Perhaps I'm just being slow, but I'm a bit confused about the role of  
the "autoplanet-root" in all this.  The docs provide a way to inspect,  
create, and delete it, but don't say whether it should be persistent  
(I'm guessing no?), whether it's created automatically (apparently  
so?), and whether it's ever deleted automatically.  It looks to me  
like this is a way of working around the lack of a standard temp-dir  
mechanism. Is that correct?

John Clements

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