auto-crash-report-collecting (was: Re: [plt-scheme] buggy PLT-Scheme?)

From: John Clements (clements at
Date: Mon Mar 23 14:19:09 EDT 2009

On Mar 23, 2009, at 11:17 AM, Neil Toronto wrote:

> Marek Kubica wrote:
>> On Mon, 23 Mar 2009 08:38:23 -0500
>> Robby Findler <robby at> wrote:
>>> We do not receive reports from Microsoft.
>> Sometimes I just wonder where these horribly useless reports really  
>> go.
>> I always disabled them, because they don't help the developers but  
>> only
>> Microsoft, if at all.
> I imagine they use the reports to adjust their APIs to be more  
> backward compatible. They want their newest OSes to be able to run  
> old binaries.
> For PLT-Scheme it's useless, as you say. It's open-source and  
> appears to not use much of the Windows API.

FWIW, Apple does exactly the same thing, with exactly the same utility  
to us.  IIRC, we asked Apple at one point, and they said no.

On a related note, though, one Mac program I use (Graphic Converter)  
now does this one better and installs its *own* crash reporter.  I  
imagine that as time goes by this will become a more common thing.


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