[plt-scheme] Re: Should PLT Scheme have two R6RS namespaces?

From: detmammut at googlemail.com (detmammut at googlemail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 23 12:38:45 EDT 2009

> The better approach would be to write wrappers for the immutable
> implementations?

I currently could imagine 5 ways that could be investigated

a) wrappers
     + no code duplication
     - performance?
b) copy/paste the code in plt into a module that uses the R6RS
     - code duplication
c) integrate the files from the r6rs-libraries project on launchpad
     + one code base for all r6rs implementations
     - external dependency
d) move the actual srfi code into a seperate file and use include into
the PLT and R6RS libaries
     + no code duplication
     - no good support in DrScheme? (when editing the included file)
e) PLT units?

Any other ideas?



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