[plt-scheme] Nifty assignment help

From: Mark Engelberg (mark.engelberg at gmail.com)
Date: Wed Mar 18 01:22:49 EDT 2009

Todd said:
>> I could do these in the image teachpack using color-list->image, but I
>> suspect that would be remarkably slow.

Matthias said:
> Are you sure? Try first and do report.

My son just did this project using color-list->image.  On our slowest
computer, he can generate and render a 300x300 pixel color picture in
about 7 seconds.  About half of this time is spent applying the
complex, random functions to thousands of values, and half of this
time is building the list and converting it to an image.  But this is
certainly fast enough.

He LOVED the project by the way.  He decided to leverage Scheme's
ability to eval code represented as a list, and opted to build his
random functions in this fashion.  For him, this project really
showcased the elegance of the whole code-as-data aspect of Scheme.

Thanks for suggesting this project,


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