[plt-scheme] Graphycs with Scheme

From: CHAMLY (marc.chamly at gmail.com)
Date: Mon Mar 16 11:43:21 EDT 2009

In fact, i am not using the World teachpack, I'm doing it directly  
with #lang scheme/gui.

Matthias It took me a while to understand your way ^^,  I could used  
it with Fluxus for fun xD. But unfortunatly, Like i said earlier i'm  
not using the World teachpack.

My programme looks more like :

; ---MY WOLRD---:
(define FRAME (new frame%....

(define CANVAS (new canvas% (parent FRAME) ....

;----MY OBJECT----:

(define copter% (class object%....

(define HELI (new copter%))

; ---FOR my Mouse-event---:

(define MY-CANVAS% (class canvas%  ...

I have a problem importing my image... I saved it in the same folder  
and i use:
(define bitmap (make-object bitmap% copterS.png))
And i have this error :

expand: unbound identifier in module in: copterS.png

Any Idea?



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