[plt-scheme] Maintaining self-references in Planet packages

From: Grant Rettke (grettke at acm.org)
Date: Fri Mar 13 17:09:41 EDT 2009

> As a Planet package developer, I've occasionally had to make my
> software refer to itself.  For instance, Scribble documentation
> presents a module path by which to import or install the package.
> This raises the difficult issue of how to refer to the appropriate
> version of a package within itself, without having to manually update
> that version number on each release.  I have developed several macros
> to help solve this problem, released them as part of a Planet package,
> and described them in a PLT Blog post:
> http://blog.plt-scheme.org/2009/03/maintaining-self-references-in-planet.html
> I hope some of you find this helpful!

Thanks Carl.

This showed up in another thread.

PLaneT is great for adding things that maybe ought to be in the
standard release and this is one of them.

Posted on the users mailing list.