[plt-scheme] Natural numbers

From: Norman Gray (norman at astro.gla.ac.uk)
Date: Thu Mar 12 15:11:34 EDT 2009

On 2009 Mar 12, at 00:44, Matthias Felleisen wrote:

> I guess the tension between logicians and "real" mathematicians  
> shows up again.

...and others made similar points.

Well, I confess myself startled, and corrected.  Though I'm aware of  
multiple entertaining ways to introduce numbers axiomatically, I had  
thought that the labelling of the n>0 set was more universal in maths  
and logic than it evidently is.

It does appear that the chasm Russell and Whitehead tried to bridge is  
even broader than it might appear.

[who never did trust logicians, and has doubts about mathematicians...]

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