[plt-scheme] planet create needs compilation info

From: Dave Herman (dherman at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Mar 11 14:03:35 EDT 2009

Is part of the required workflow of PLaneT development that you should 
always compile before running `planet create'? I've included an example 
where you get different Scribble results depending on whether you've 

Small-ish example at the bottom of this message; here's how to 
reproduce: First create the development link:

$ cd fnord
$ planet link dherman fnord.plt 1 0 "`pwd`"

These two sequences produce different results:

# gets the links right
$ setup-plt -P dherman fnord.plt 1 0
$ cd ..
$ planet create fnord

# has missing links
$ cd fnord
$ rm -rf compiled doc
$ cd ..
$ planet create fnord

I guess Scribble is relying on dependencies computed by the compiler and 
saved in the `compiled' directory. Since `planet create' is relying on 
this information to build the Scribble docs correctly, should it just 
automatically force a compilation first? Or is there some other way it 
can compute these dependencies without compiling?


;; file: main.ss
#lang scheme/base
(require "stuff.ss")
(provide (all-from-out "stuff.ss"))

;; file: stuff.ss
#lang scheme/base
(define-values (mumble grunch) (values 'mumble 'grunch))
(provide mumble grunch)

;; file: info.ss
#lang setup/infotab
(define scribblings '(("fnord.scrbl")))

;; file: fnord.scrbl
#lang scribble/doc

          (for-label (planet dherman/fnord:1:0/main))]

@section[#:tag "intro"]{Fnord}

@defmodule[(planet dherman/fnord:1:0/main)]

I'm mentioning @scheme[mumble] and @scheme[grunch].

@section[#:tag "stuff"]{Mumble, Grunch}

@defmodule[(planet dherman/fnord:1:0/stuff)]

@defthing[mumble symbol?]{Fnord fnord fnord.}
@defthing[grunch symbol?]{Fnord fnord fnord.}

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