[plt-scheme] doing real-world Web CGI in PLT Scheme?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Fri Mar 6 03:05:50 EST 2009

I'm polishing up a library to implement fast Web CGI for PLT Scheme, and 
am looking for a guinea pig.

Using the new library's simple interface, the same CGI script can be 
moved back-and-forth between running normal CGI and as fast CGI, without 
any source changes.

Moving a normal nontrivial application (multiple module loads, database 
connection, etc.) from normal CGI to fast CGI should typically result in 
dramatic performance/scalability improvement.

This library will be released as LGPL open source, once it's been exercised.

I'd planned to exercise this library while using it in my 
startup/research projects, but "fiscal realities" have my projects on 
hold while I generate some new consulting work.

So...  If you have a nontrivial production CGI-based app in PLT Scheme, 
and are interested in moving it to fast CGI, let's talk.  Perhaps I can 
convert your app trivially for free, and the deployed app will exercise 
the library and give another real-world success story for PLT Scheme.

I need to move quickly on this, so please email now if interested.  Thanks.

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