[plt-scheme] TeachScheme, ReachJava workshops this summer

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Mon Mar 2 11:24:51 EST 2009

Actually, in Boston, we have four tracks: two "beginner" and two "advanced".

"Advanced" for us means you have taught from our curriculum in the
very recent past and are completely comfortable writing programs using
it.  This is important because the two advanced tracks are designed to
be take such people through material at a fast pace, and are
unsympathetic to those who can't keep up.

The two advanced tracks are the Scheme->Java transition and the Scheme
2 workshop.

Then there are the two "beginner" tracks.

One roughly follows "How to Design Programs" for about three days,
then does the Java transition for the remaining two days.

The other we call the Bootstrap track.  This too is for beginners, but
it is based entirely on animations, GUIs, and other reactive systems.
This material has been used successfully starting with 6th-graders.
It is appropriate for everyone from middle-school to college teachers,
though the different audiences might want to work at different places.
This track may not do any Java at all.

The exact number of tracks will eventually depend on demand.


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