[plt-scheme] Draw and save coordinates on every mouse event on canvas?

From: Matthias Felleisen (matthias at ccs.neu.edu)
Date: Wed Jun 10 15:55:23 EDT 2009

Here is a solution:

#lang scheme

(require 2htdp/universe)

;; World = [Listof (list Nat Nat)]
(define mt (empty-scene 200 200))
(define col "red")
(define DOT (circle 3 "solid" col))

(define (click w x y ke)
     [(mouse=? "button-down" ke)
      (cons (list x y) w)]
     [else w]))

(define (render w0)
   (local ((define (cnt w a) (foldl (lambda (f a) (list f (apply ln+  
f a))) a w))
           (define (dot s p) (place-image DOT (first p) (second p) s))
           (define (ln+ p q s)
             (add-line s (first p) (second p) (first q) (second q) col))
           (define dots (foldr (lambda (f r) (dot r f)) mt w0)))
       [(empty? w0) mt]
       [else (second (cnt (rest w0) (list (first w0) (dot dots (first  

(big-bang '() (on-mouse click) (on-draw render))

But this solution will give you away in case this is homework. To  
prove that this isn't homework, you need to point us to the place  
where our manuals recommend using world.ss.

-- Matthias

On Jun 10, 2009, at 6:53 AM, Captain___nemo wrote:

> Hi,
> I am newbie in scheme, just started yesterday. So, please don't mind
> if I am overlooking anything simple.
> I want to draw circular points on every click on the drawing window
> (or canvas). Also I want to save the coordinates in an array. After
> every click a connecting line should be drawn (from last point) and so
> on.
> Now, I don't understand how I should put a canvas. As I can see in
> Dr.Scheme manual , it is recommended to use world.ss.  But I don't
> understand how will I get the coordinates and save in an array? Also
> how that line can be drawn?
> Any suggestion is appreciated.
> Thanks in advance.
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