[plt-scheme] Dict Merge

From: Paulo J. Matos (pocmatos at gmail.com)
Date: Sun Jun 7 12:53:33 EDT 2009

Hi all,

Since I didn't find a portable way (among dict types) to merge several
dicts I devised one (which assumes that no dicts have the same key):

;; dict-merge : dict? ..1
;; Receives a list of dictionaries and merges them into a single dictionary.
;; The resulting dictionary is of the same time of the first
dictionary and assumes that the set of keys of each dict are disjoint.
(define dict-merge
  (case-lambda [(dict) dict]
               [(dict1 dict2)
                (let loop ([res dict1] [next (dict-iterate-first dict2)])
                  (if next
                      (loop (dict-set res (dict-iterate-key dict2
next) (dict-iterate-value dict2 next))
                            (dict-iterate-next dict2 next))
               [(dict . dicts)
                (foldl (lambda (el acum) (dict-merge acum el))

> (dict-merge #hash((b . "banana") (a . "apple")) #hash((c . "cider") (p . "pizza")))
#hash((b . "banana")
      (a . "apple")
      (c . "cider")
      (p . "pizza"))
> (dict-merge #hash((b . "banana") (a . "apple")) '((c . "cider") (p . "pizza")))
#hash((b . "banana")
      (a . "apple")
      (c . "cider")
      (p . "pizza"))

Is this a good way to do it or can you improve on it? (moreover, why
is there no such thing already in the library? it would be interesting
to add one)

Paulo Jorge Matos - pocmatos at gmail.com

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