[plt-scheme] Student parsing problem

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Wed Jun 3 11:40:10 EDT 2009

On Jun  3, Felix Klock's PLT scheme proxy wrote:
> [...]

I find it hard to justify either comments or whitespace after quotes
etc even in "hacker mode" -- the only reason would be to conveniently
comment out an expression, which is redundant when there's `#;' now.


> #;; This is our great code.
> ;;; ...

I *do* find mixing comments useful -- either `;' in a `#;' or the
other way.  For example:

  (define (foo x) ...)
  #; ; this definition doesn't work because blah blah blah
  (define (foo x) ...)


  (define (foo x)
    (printf "foo(~s)\n" x)

which makes it easy to enable the debugging output with a single `;':

  (define (foo x)
    (printf "foo(~s)\n" x)

and it works with multiple expressions too:

  (define (foo x)
    (printf "foo\n")
    (printf "  x = ~s\n" x)

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