[plt-scheme] How about also creating a PLT Scheme Box?

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Tue Jun 2 07:09:55 EDT 2009

Benjamin L.Russell wrote at 06/02/2009 06:50 AM:
> Along the lines of Lispbox [...] and Clojure Box (see
> http://clojure.bighugh.com/), wouldn't it be useful, as an alternative
> for Emacs-users, to have a SLIME-based [...] PLT Scheme Box? 

DrScheme pretty much fills the bill of "Scheme in a box," and does 
things that SLIME cannot do.

One download, click the DrScheme icon, and, whoa, dude, you're hacking 

DrScheme is not Emacs, and that is too bad in some ways.  Eventually, 
someone will build really first-rate Emacs support for PLT Scheme.  (I 
will, if someone hands me funding.)  For now, I think that DrScheme is 
the obviously superior interface for people wanting a "Scheme in a 
box."  More savvy, Emacs-oriented people can always install PLT, Emacs, 
and Quack themselves, with little trouble.


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