[plt-scheme] missing fonts

From: Matthew Flatt (mflatt at cs.utah.edu)
Date: Wed Jul 8 13:51:43 EDT 2009

At Tue, 07 Jul 2009 12:30:19 -0400, "Greg Rodenhiser" wrote:
> Hi, we're attempting to run an old version of DrScheme (v103p1) on Redhat 
> Enterprise 3AS (we need this older version for certain labs).  However our 
> desktops on the labs are Redhat Enterprise 5.  In attempting to X11 forward via 
> SSH, I notice one big problem, all the fonts for DrScheme are missing.  The 
> application launches fine, but is unusable.  Fonts for all the menus, dialog 
> boxes, etc are all missing, they show up blank. 
> Does anyone know what XFree86 fonts DrScheme uses, and perhaps their equivalent 
> on Redhat Enterprise 5 (Xorg)?  Thanks!!   

I think it uses


Note that those are xfs fonts (not Fontconfig). I don't know what the
RHE5 equivalents would be.

Do modern Linux distributions even include xfs fonts? The RHE4 release
notes suggest that xfs fonts might go away in later releases, but I
didn't find anything in the RHE5 notes saying that it did.

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