[plt-scheme] missing fonts

From: Greg Rodenhiser (grodenhiser at holycross.edu)
Date: Tue Jul 7 12:30:19 EDT 2009

Hi, we're attempting to run an old version of DrScheme (v103p1) on Redhat Enterprise 3AS (we need this older version for certain labs).  However our desktops on the labs are Redhat Enterprise 5.  In attempting to X11 forward via SSH, I notice one big problem, all the fonts for DrScheme are missing.  The application launches fine, but is unusable.  Fonts for all the menus, dialog boxes, etc are all missing, they show up blank. 

Does anyone know what XFree86 fonts DrScheme uses, and perhaps their equivalent on Redhat Enterprise 5 (Xorg)?  Thanks!!   

Greg Rodenhiser
Technical Services Engineer
College of the Holy Cross

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