[plt-scheme] ANN: Untyped open source repository

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Jan 27 06:17:47 EST 2009

Hi all,

I'd like to announce the launch of the Untyped Open Source Repository:


This public Subversion repository houses the source code for all our  
open source projects including packages such as Dispatch, Snooze and  
Mirrors, and a number of libraries we haven't yet released to PLaneT.

It's no-frills at the moment - SVN and basic web browser support only  
- but we plan to prettify things in the future. You can check out the  
projects using command line SVN like so:

     svn co http://svn.untyped.com/mirrors/trunk mirrors-trunk
Please read the terms of use before you get stuck in:


Many thanks,

-- Dave

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