[plt-scheme] Hit People Over the Head with HtDP

From: Neil Van Dyke (neil at neilvandyke.org)
Date: Mon Jan 19 17:25:36 EST 2009

Whatever you think is the best introductory material for most of the 
people who go to "plt-scheme.org"... I think you need to hit them over 
the head with it.

There should be no question in the mind of anyone visiting the site what 
the single, recommended starting-point is.

Otherwise, there will be the frequently-asked question of "What's a good 
way to get started with Scheme?" from the vocal minority of confused 
newbies, and the silent majority of newbies will just do random walks.

Speaking as one of the people using PLT Scheme professionally, I think 
that "plt-scheme.org" should first make things easiest for 
*students/educators and young enthusiasts*.  You can throw in a hint on 
the same page that professional programmers will spot, to be reassured 
that PLT is for them too, and the professionals will be able to find the 
reference manuals.  Maybe a hint for programming language academics, 
too, although they will know of PLT and where to find papers, in any case.


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