[plt-scheme] Application distribution mechanisms ...

From: kumar (kumar_lista at mac.com)
Date: Tue Jan 6 21:22:16 EST 2009

I'd like to be able to distribute a scheme app in a small package for
those who already have DrScheme installed.

There are currently three methods for creating executables in DrScheme -
1. Create a launcher that loads source files
2. Create a launcher that uses compiled versions of code.
3. Create a distribution zip package containing all necessary dlls.

Approach 1 and 2, work only on the machine where they are built.

Approach 3 is great if you're distributing to people who won't have
DrScheme installed.

However, for those who *do* have DrScheme installed, it'll be nice to
have a distribution mechanism that isn't as big as options 2 or 3. It'll
be awesome if we can install a runtime and create application packages
that are on the average < 100k without resources. Is this possible
at the moment? It used to be possible with v3xx, but with v4xx
it looks like support for this mode has been removed. Am I right?


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