[plt-scheme] Creating executable from DrScheme ...

From: kumar_lista at mac.com (kumar_lista at mac.com)
Date: Sun Jan 4 22:31:44 EST 2009


I'm trying to create a gui executable using "Scheme->Create  
executable..." in v4.1.3.

As recommended, my language is "Module" and my source file starts with
"#lang scheme/gui". My app runs fine when launched from within DrScheme
(my module creates a single frame upon load).

However, the created MrEd executable fails to run with the following  
message in standard output window -
call-with-input-file: expects type <path or string> as 1st
argument, given: #f; other arguments were #<procedure:read>

=== context ===

I'm sure I'm missing something pretty simple, but can't figure out
what that simple thing is.

Btw - creating a "launcher" executable works I want to create
a "stand alone" or "distributable", both modes give the same error
on both Windows and MacOSX.

Thanks in advance for any pointers.

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