[plt-scheme] parser-tools: recursive lex?

From: YC (yinso.chen at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Jan 2 21:40:53 EST 2009


I am trying to parse internet messages, which is mostly regular besides for
comment (which can nest), and I am not sure how to handle comment correctly
with lex.

The code below (lexing internet message comment syntax) results in an
infinite loop, so I assume lex can only handle regular expressions, but want
to check to see if it can be done (or how the problem can be solved), or if
I need to use yacc?


(require parser-tools/lex
         (prefix-in : parser-tools/lex-sre))

;; below defines a simpled internet message

  (ctext (:- any-char (:or #\( #\))))
  (ccontent (:or ctext comment))
  (comment (:: #\( (:* ccontent) #\))))

(define comment-lexer
  (lexer (comment lexeme)))
;; inf

(comment-lexer (open-input-string "(this is a internet message comment)"))
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