[plt-scheme] image-snip stuff

From: Stephen Bloch (sbloch at adelphi.edu)
Date: Fri Jan 2 16:35:17 EST 2009

On Jan 2, 2009, at 4:25 PM, Stephen Bloch wrote:

> What does it mean when two images satisfy
> (= (image-width pic1) (image-width pic2))
> (= (image-height pic1) (image-height pic2))
> (equal? (image->alpha-color-list pic1) (image->alpha-color-list pic2))
> but not
> (image=? pic1 pic2)

Never mind: they have different pinholes.  Is there any other way it  
can happen?

Stephen Bloch
sbloch at adelphi.edu

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