[plt-scheme] Error in untyped/mirrors.plt/1/8/csv/response.ss

From: Dave Gurnell (d.j.gurnell at gmail.com)
Date: Fri Feb 27 10:52:36 EST 2009

> tkn at tkn-desktop-ubuntu
> ~/.plt-scheme/planet/300/ $
> mzscheme --version
> Welcome to MzScheme v4.1.4.3 [3m], Copyright (c) 2004-2009 PLT  
> Scheme Inc.
> tkn at tkn-desktop-ubuntu ~/my/mzscheme/blog $ mzscheme run.ss
> /home/tkn/.plt-scheme/planet/300/ 
> 1/8/csv/response.ss:38:26:
> compile: unbound identifier in module in: response?
> Any suggestions?


Mirrors and Dispatch 2.x are compatible with PLT The 1.x  
versions will remain PLT compatible. The only difference  
between 1.x and 2.x is the PLT compatibility.

I'm building the 2.x versions out of the plt- branches in SVN  
and the 1.x versions from trunk.

Delirium is also affected by the changes: 3.x is compatible with, while Delirium 4.x (currently unreleased - haven't had time  
to test it yet) will be compatible. The trunk/branch  
arrangement is the same here.

We'll be stuck on PLT internally for a while, so we'll develop  
1.x and 2.x in parallel for the foreseeable future.


-- Dave

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