[plt-scheme] what's HtDP, what it is NOT

From: Eugene Wallingford (wallingf at cs.uni.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 23 17:25:19 EST 2009

> >In HtDP, we introduce a data type, then some patterns for how to  
> >test and code for that data type.  These patterns ...
> Once again, HtDP is
>  NOT about patterns

     It is not ABOUT patterns, but I think it does teach
     students useful patterns of thinking and programming.
     That is not inconsistent with teaching students...

>  to cope with ANY data type that may come along

     In the sense Alexander talked about this stuff, the
     only real patterns are ones that occur repeatedly
     in (nearly) infinite variety.  Anything specific
     to a particular data structure is more idiom than

     Sorry if this is too far afield of the mailing
     list's purpose.

---- Eugene

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