[plt-scheme] Check for function equality?

From: dave yrueta (dyrueta at gmail.com)
Date: Thu Feb 19 16:43:30 EST 2009

Hi All --

Is there a Scheme function similar to "check-expect" that tests for
equality between functions?


;g-fives-closed : N -> number
;non-recursive version of g-fives
;(check-expect (g-fives-closed 3) 375)
(define (g-fives-closed n)
  (* 3 (expt 5 n)))

;geometric-series : number number -> (number -> number)
;consumes two numbers start and s, produces a function representing
the geometric series whose starting point is start and whose factor is
(define (geometric-series start s)
  (local ((define (local-g-series n)
            (* start (expt s n))))

(define g-fives-closed-test (geometric-series 3 5))

;test 1 = test passes
(check-expect (g-fives-closed-test 3) (g-fives-closed 3))

;test 2 = test fails
(check-expect g-fives-closed-test g-fives-closed)

As far as I can tell, "g-fives-closed-test" and "g-fives-closed"
differ in name only. I ran the same test with eq? and equal? and
received the same results.  Any way to test for this kind of equality?

Dave Yrueta

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