[plt-scheme] Defining structures

From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Tue Feb 17 21:15:21 EST 2009

define-struct does not define a struct, it defines a struct-type and a number of related procedures, such as a constructor (make-...), a predicate ...? and accessors and mutators.
make-struct-... is a procedure that returns an instantiation of the struct-type.
I think `define-struct-type' would be a better name, but reality is different.
Personally I prefer make-struct-type, but that is not in the teaching languages, I think.
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  I have a doubt the concept of defining structures.In htdp chapter 6  its given as

  A STRUCTURE DEFINITION is, as the term says, a new form of definition. Here is DrScheme's definition of posn: i have modified the example here

(define-struct entry (name zip phone))
Now a few lines later it says If we give the structure a name,(define phonebook (make-entry 'PeterLee 15270 '606-7771))
Now my question here is  phonebook the name of the structure  or it is a structure of type entry?



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