[plt-scheme] Combining digits to form numbers

From: aditya shukla (adityashukla1983 at gmail.com)
Date: Tue Feb 17 14:19:32 EST 2009

This how i solved this problem .I have made another procedure for guess
thinking that the number returned by it depends on lsb , csb and
msb.Therefore it should be another procedure.

(define check-guess3 (lambda(lsb csb msb target)
                         [(< guess(lsb csb msb) target) 'Toosmall]
                         [(= guess(lsb csb msb) target) 'Perfect]
                         [else 'Toolarge])))
(define guess (lambda (lsb csb msb)
                (+(* msb 100)(* csb 10) (* lsb 1))))

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