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From: Jos Koot (jos.koot at telefonica.net)
Date: Tue Feb 17 06:40:52 EST 2009

(define a (list 1 2))
(define b (list a a))
Now the two elements of list b are shared. No set! required to do that. You may or you may not want to show the sharing in the output. Because lists are immutable, the fact that two elements are shared makes no difference as long as the elements are immutable too. Compare this to:

(define a (list (box 1) (box 2))) ; mutable elements!
(define b (list a a))
(set-box! (car a) 3)
b --> (list (list (box 3) (box 2)) (list (box 3) (box 2))) or
b --> (shared ((-1- (list (box 3) (box 2)))) (list -1- -1-))
depending on the output mode.

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  Oh...well yes that solved my problem for Advanced Student. Thanks. But my question remains. What part of my code made it shared? I mean...I didn't even use set! . Well, as far as I know, set! is the only way in Scheme to have values shared.

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