[plt-scheme] HtDP in Python!

From: Shriram Krishnamurthi (sk at cs.brown.edu)
Date: Mon Feb 16 17:54:00 EST 2009


Since you seem to be seriously considering a course on this, here's
something else to consider.

Python, more than just about any language, is based on the opinion of
one person.  People who buy into Python think like Guido; those who
don't, often don't.  Guido does not appear to be a particularly big
fan of functional programming.

Sure, you can say

  import sys

But you might very well find that doing so is not considered good
Python *style*, and in Python (in particular), style is a very serious
consideration.  You'll run into a wall of "Guido thinks that program
should be written this other way: ...".

This is not a problem that attends teaching with Scheme, partly
because there is no Guido of Scheme, and partly because the style you
want to use is already considered very much "the Scheme style".

In other words, tread with great care around programming functionally
in Python.


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