[plt-scheme] Re: Newbie question: Why "orange text, black background" after Run?

From: Gregg Williams (spamme at innerpaths.net)
Date: Mon Feb 16 01:36:04 EST 2009

Thanks for the explanatory message you sent recently. Attempting to
follow your instructions, I executed the menu item Language > Choose
Language..., which gave me a list of languages and the parameters that
can be changed. For the "Advanced Student" language (which is what I
was using), here are the parameters that I can change: case-sensitive;
output style = constructor/quasiquote/write; fraction style = mixed
fractions/repeating decimals; checkbox: insert new lines in printed
values; checkbox: show sharing in values. However, I don't see
anything that allows me to turn this highlighting feature off.

Searching for "coverage" in the Help Desk documentation leads me to
the "Errortrace: Debugging and Profiling" document, but I don't find
anything that looks useful here, either.

Finally, I read Andrei Estioco's comment and see now that the orange/
black highlighting goes away for whatever lines of code that get
"exercised" when you execute code from the bottom panel, thus showing
you the parts of your code that (so far, at least) have not gotten
"coverage." This is a useful feature, but I've not found any
documentation for how to control it.

If you (or anyone else) could point us newcomers to some relevant
documentation, we would certainly appreciate it. Thanks.

On Feb 15, 7:45 am, Matthias Felleisen <matth... at ccs.neu.edu> wrote:
> DrScheme tells you that you haven't tested certain parts of your  
> program. If you really don't want to know that you haven't finished  
> designing your program, you can open the language dialog, look at the  
> details, and turn off coverage. -- Matthias

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