[plt-edu] Re: [plt-scheme] behaviour of void?

From: Richard Cleis (rcleis at mac.com)
Date: Sun Feb 15 21:59:26 EST 2009

On Feb 15, 2009, at 6:37 PM, geb a wrote:

> Yes, the focus is on htdp with advanced students working on projects  
> that use programming in other disciplines.  I really believe that  
> computer science should be central to a strong technical  
> background.  In fact, a computer science student should be able to  
> compute circles around any other student.

Are you saying that graduates of other disciplines should know more of  
what CS graduates know?  Or are you saying that CS graduates should be  
able to implement better software for the other disciplines than the  
disciplines can muster themselves?  In my world, it seems that overall  
effectiveness doesn't match up to our considerable individual  
abilities because it is nearly impossible to mix & match the resources  
of all of the disciplines.  It would be wonderful if the tech  
disciplines knew more about CS, but I don't see that ever happening.   
I do hope for the day when more effective overlapping of expertise  
comes to pass.


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>>> So what kinds of exercises are you looking for?  I
>> guess I'm in the unique position of being able to use
>> programming to teach Science, Technology, Engineering and
>> Mathematics projects.   As a high school teacher, I feel
>> like computer science should be about integrating these
>> disciplines.
>> I wish I had gone to school where you teach. Is it common
>> practice for
>> highschools these days to include CS? What is your title?
>> CS teacher?
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