Fwd: [plt-scheme] Newbie Lambda( ) (???????????)

From: Eli Barzilay (eli at barzilay.org)
Date: Sat Feb 14 23:36:15 EST 2009

On Feb 14, e wrote:
> I don't think I sent this to the group last time.  Something odd
> still about how I interact with this group vs. the other ones I'm
> in: [...]

If you're referring to the delay between sending an email and seeing
it on the list -- this is a result of the Brown mail server (where the
mailing list is hosted) doing "greylisting".  This basically means
that sometimes emails get delayed for a while.

[Greylisting is a method that is used against spam: if the server
doesn't "know you", it will reject your email in a way that makes
proper mail servers retry sending the message.  The idea is that
spammers use servers in a way that makes it impractical for their
servers to resend email, so the email will be dropped.  Once the
graylisting server sees a few emails from you, it remembers you and
will stop doing that delay.]

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